Recycling your converter can help your health and environment

Many people are very aware of the recycling that goes on every day. But most people don’t know that recycling your catalytic converter is possible and good for the environment. Catalytic converters are used to cut down on pollution while we use our vehicles.

Most people don’t know that you can get a good amount of money for your catalytic converter. Inside your converter there are very precious metals even though they are in very small quantities you can usually get a very good amount of money for them. There are companies out there that will pay you for these converters.

One in particular is called This company is owned and operated by Tim Crosby. Tim has been helping people recycle these converters for years and he gives the very best prices online. The way it works is once you visit his site you can fill out his form and submit a picture of the converter. Based on the model and type of converter he will send you back what he is willing to pay. Then all you have to do is mail it to him and he will send you back a check.

Many times people will get hundreds of dollars for these converters. So what a great thing you can help the environment plus you can make some extra money as well. If you have any questions for Tim you can give him a call at the phone number on his website or you can email him here as well. Hopefully you have learned a little more about recycling your catalytic converter. If you have any questions for us please let me know.